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Product Management

From Seed to Series C and beyond, no matter what stage you’re at in the start-up lifecycle, you’ll need talented product management experts to drive your vision and strategy. Often labelled the ‘mini CEO’ of the product world, these experienced professionals are the ultimate user experts. They’re responsible for defining a product road map, articulating your business rationale, and working in cross-functional teams to collaborate with engineering, design, marketing, and senior leadership. Your product managers need to be skilled in collating feedback, filtering out the noise, and creating a plan of action to drive forward your brand’s vision. At GR4, we cover the full product management field, from Junior Product Manager to Chief Product Managers and CPOs, and have experience working across a broad range of industries. You could say we’re the product managers of the recruitment process. 

If there’s a gap in your team for a skilled and experienced product manager, we’re just the right people to help you fill it. Alternatively, if you’re on the hunt for a product manager role, let’s talk. 

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