The Team


Yooki Whittaker


Internal Data Scientist


With vast amounts of data available to power our recruitment processes, we don’t just dig into it and hope to get lucky – we harness sophisticated techniques that help us deliver an exceptional experience to our clients and candidates. Heading up this noble mission is Yooki Whittaker, who loves nothing more than collecting and aggregating data that empowers our recruitment team to do what they do best. A data fanatic from the age of 15 with experience working for global brands, Yooki is passionate about making a positive impact, and dedicated to finding new and innovative solutions to problems. A champion of ethical data collection, Yooki is known as GR4’s resident genius, providing a wealth of insight and real-time data that form the secret ingredient to our brilliant recruitment matches. Away from his analytical antics at work, you’ll find Yooki enjoying a quiet night in with his cat, or playing video games.