Why Work At A Tech Startup? 

If you’re just entering the job market, or you are looking for a career change within the tech industry, working at a startup is a great way to go.  

The security, stability and often appealing salary that comes with a corporate job is understandably desirable for many tech professionals. However, for some, the monotony of typical office life may leave them dreading Monday morning and counting down the hours until the clock turns five on a Friday. If you can relate, then working at a tech startup is the right path for you. Business startups offer excitement, variety and independence in your career. No more isolated cubicles and repetitive tasks – instead, you can enjoy spontaneity and spend your professional life doing creative, innovative and soul-fulfilling work.  

What is a startup?  

Tech startups come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all bring technology products or services to market that solve problems in new innovative ways. They are termed startups because they are in the process of identifying the right market for their product or service and creating a business model that enables them to reach their target customers.  

Due to being in the early stages of growth, the move to working in a tech startup is often seen as a risky and scary move away from the stability of corporate life. But it’s important to remember that many of the most successful tech companies across the world were also startups not too long such as Airbnb, Uber, Instagram, WeWork, and Etsy. And even if the startup doesn’t become a billion-dollar success, you’ll still be exposed to numerous experiences that will develop your professional skills aiding in future career progression. In fact, research shows that one year at a startup can provide you with the same variety, intensity and challenge as seven years at a more established company! So, let’s take a look at some of the key reasons why you should consider working at a tech startup and how it will benefit your career.  

Benefits and Perks  

Startups are looking for talent. They will be willing to invest in candidates that are highly skilled as they know it will contribute to the overall success of the business. Comprehensive benefits packages are often given to employees at startups to incentivise them to join. These might include flexibility in where and how you work, open leave policies, shorter work weeks, employee discounts, and free memberships for health and leisure facilities. On top of this, you’ll most likely be working in a casual relaxed atmosphere where everyone is striving for the same goal of making the company a success.  

All-round experience with greater responsibility  

Due to the smaller size of the company, a lot of responsibility is placed on the employees. You’ll be hired by a startup based on your skills and expertise in a specific tech area, but the founders may expect a lot more of you. Your tasks might sometimes go beyond your job description, and you could have the opportunity to work in multiple areas of the business learning, on the go. For example, if you’re a developer you might involved in the entire process of development from code writing to testing and deployment. This increased responsibility and exposure to wider processes within the organisation will allow for the development of key transferable skills and will make you a well-rounded and well-experienced candidate for future positions.  

Increased visibility and recognition  

Unlike large corporations where it’s a struggle for your success to be seen, in a startup there is more chance for your hard work and achievements to be recognised and rewarded. Even if you make a mistake, instead of pointing fingers, the company will be more inclined to help you understand where things went wrong and how you can improve next time. You will also be given more of a voice within the company where your ideas will be listened to and acted upon. 

Performing well within a startup may also allow you to progress quickly within the company. If you get in with a startup from the beginning and make an important contribution, there’s a higher chance that you will reach an executive position more quickly than if you took a more traditional corporate career path. 

Greater autonomy, creativity and innovation  

No matter what the size, there’s no escaping strict deadlines and long meetings in a company. However, you’re normally given a lot more flexibility in how you approach and complete your work at a startup. Micromanagement is rare, and it’s unlikely you’ll receive close supervision. From the methodology to the coding style and tech stack, you have more control over what you choose in your work. Creativity and innovation are also required and encouraged in smaller organisations. Even minor things such as integration, scale, cloud and code management are addressed creatively and used in different ways for each client so that it meets their specific needs.  

A family-like culture  

Employees spend a lot of time together in a startup. You get to know each colleague on a personal level, and you’ll probably even become close with the CEO of the organisation. You celebrate the wins as a team, congratulate the individual successes, and put your heads together when the going gets tough. A tight-knit and supportive community forms with a shared passion to be part of something big and aim to make the business as successful as possible. The inclusivity that comes with this culture will also make you an essential part of the business. You become personally invested in the company’s growth and this stimulates a passionate working environment generating productivity and success.

Be part of a Unicorn  

Some tech startups hit it big time. If they make it to the point where they are valued at €970 million, they earn the title of a unicorn. If you get in with a unicorn, you will be on the path to growing with its success. However, even if the startup isn’t yet a unicorn, the small scale of the business is something to be valued. An inclusive culture that recognises and values your work is something that most large organisations struggle to maintain. You also have the opportunity to become a part of something that is aiming to grow bigger and make a real difference.

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