Why Munich Is The Ideal City To Start A Career In Tech 

Referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley of Europe’, Munich is the place to be if you want to make it as a tech professional. It’s ranked the 4th biggest tech hub in the continent and is home to the headquarters of many leading tech companies. 

The friendly vibes and international culture also make it a very easy and welcoming place to live compared to the other big tech hubs like London, Paris or Berlin. And of course, we can’t forget to mention its world-famous Oktoberfest – a festival that celebrates beer! 

In this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into the city of Munich to explore the many reasons why it’s an ideal city for those starting a career in tech.

Huge corporations operate in Munich’s tech ecosystem 

Munich is home to numerous German tech giants. In fact, 10 out of 30 businesses that feature in the DAX stock index – including Siemens, Adidas and BMW – are based in Munich and surrounding areas of Bavaria. 

Moreover, many leading global corporations, including Apple and Google, have recognised the potential of the city’s growing tech sector and established key hubs there. In particular, Apple has recently opened its European Silicon design centre in Munich, with plans to significantly invest in the project and focus on developing 5G and future wireless technologies. Similarly, Google is constructing a research centre in the city, while Amazon has opened new offices in Schwabing with over 2,500 employees.

The presence of these global tech giants creates a wealth of opportunities for those pursuing a career in tech and provides a valuable network to connect with key leaders in the industry.

It’s the birthplace of many innovative startups 

With 11% of Germany’s total startups based in Munich, creativity and innovation are at the heart of the city. Entrepreneurialism is encouraged and the local government provides ample support for new ventures at every stage of their development. Transportation, software and data, and health-related startups are among the most prevalent types in the city, but expansion is always happening, and new fields are being tapped into every day. So if you’re not interested in working for a large corporation, there are plenty of dynamic startups that you can find work in, or even consider launching your own enterprise! 

Many of the startups that were born in Munich have gone on to be hugely successful such as Personio, a company that develops holistic HR software and Mecuris a company that is now leading in orthopaedic technology. The reason for their success is largely due to the opportunities Munich has offered them. They’ve been provided with a generous amount of investment which has enabled them to expand their technical skills and become key innovators in their respective industries. 

There’s an endless demand for tech jobs 

According to research by the European Commission, Bavaria’s economy is one of the strongest in Europe. The state was praised for how well it handled the covid-19 pandemic which led to a much less stressed economy than many other areas of Europe. In fact, there are more job vacancies in the city now than there were before the pandemic!  

The city also had foresight during the early stages of the tech boom and invested heavily in its infrastructure to attract numerous tech companies and professionals. As a result, about 360,000 people are working in STEM positions and the demand for workers continues to persist. In particular, there is a need to fill the nationwide IT skills shortage in Germany. Businesses are snapping up all the tech talent they can find and as it’s still a very candidate-led job market, you’ll likely quite a bit of power when negotiating your salary and benefits.

Munich is leading the way in digitalisation

As well as its major tech players, many universities based in Munich have strong research and scientific capabilities that are contributing significantly to the city’s advancements in digitalisation. 

A variety of sectors are now able to transition from traditional business schemes to digital paths. While the automotive and mechanical engineering industries are the strongest in this transition, sectors such as biotech, aerospace and environment tech are also growing. This is creating a high demand for tech workers in a range of industries and makes it a very exciting time to begin a career in tech! 

It’s a beautiful city! 

Despite its large size, Munich has a cosy atmosphere due to its small cobblestone streets, locally-owned shops and delicious bakeries. There’s an endless number of things to do in the city from visiting museums to learn about its amazing history to exploring its local markets and beer gardens. It’s also a very international place which makes it easy to settle in and meet others with the same interests as you. 

It’s also worth noting that Munich is located in the heart of Bavaria, making it easy to venture out of the city and visit the German countryside on your days off. You’re also only a short trip away from Italy, Austria and Switzerland so it’s common for people to spend their weekends skiing in the Swiss alps or savouring the delectable Italian cuisine on the streets of Milan. 

In terms of logistics, Munich has a well-connected airport that makes it easy to visit family and friends. Also, it’s public transport is very well connected, organised and cheap which is very beneficial for workers. Although many companies have adopted remote working, they usually require you to come into the office once or twice a week and driving is not recommended due to the heavy congestion and limited parking in the city.

Success is never accidental 

No matter what industry you’re entering, being in the right environment is key to success. The saying ‘right place, right time’ doesn’t come from anywhere! 

For a STEM career, there’s no better environment to be in than the one created in Munich. Whether you want to work for a global corporation, join an innovative startup or launch your own enterprise, the city provides an abundance of opportunities that will give you the best start in your tech career.

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