Embedded Recruitment

The Scalable, Flexible And Cost-Effective Talent Solution 

Klarna, Uber, WeWork, Zalando – tech’s cool kids have been doing it for years. 

Embedded recruitment combines the expertise of an external recruiter
with the rapport and insight of an internal HR department. It covers
the before and after of your recruitment strategy, for a seamless search,
selection and onboarding process. It means that a member of our specialist
talent team will be dedicated solely to your business and your mission,
and will fully integrate themselves into your business. You’ll see them
regularly in person to discuss projects and progress, and they’ll act as an
extension of your company. When you choose this option, you can: 

  • Guarantee that your recruiter will understand your mission, your goals, and be an expert in your sector.  
  • Be assured that your recruiter will have prepared the talent pool with foresight so the best candidates are already known to them
    even before the hiring process begins. 
  • Benefit from a talent partner that lives and breathes your brand and culture, and knows how to sell your story in the best way possible. 
  • Enjoy a resource-intensive approach that reduces time-to-hire. 
  • Save up to 30% compared to traditional contingent hiring, with simple and transparent pricing structures based on a subscription model.  
  • Rely on your recruiter to create a solid recruitment infrastructure that can be adapted as you scale. 
  • Receive tailored and expert help in building your employer branding and value proposition to create a solid talent attraction and retention strategy. 
  • Utilise our expert marketing team as an extension of your own company. We’ll help with PR, branding, blogs, video production – you name it.  

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Scalable, flexible and cost-effective recruitment  

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*This recruitment option is only available to our German clients at this point in time.  

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