React/Javascript Developer



 Berlin, Germany
The Brief

Our client is a well-known and well-loved German brand selling books, DVDs, calendars, and more. The organisation was in search of a React/Javascript Developer as part of a wider front-end development team tasked with providing digital solutions such as a brand-new mobile app. For this newly created position, the company sought a highly motivated and proactive individual with experience in using Ionic and Capacitor technologies – a highly niche skill. Additionally, the company sought someone who was already based in Berlin, and German speaking. Right from the outset, the team appreciated our forthright approach, and our honesty in explaining some of the challenges that may lie ahead.

Anais worked closely with the company’s Head of Engineering at every stage, to ensure we understood the exact requirements of the role and the job specification. We were keen to fully understand how this role would help the company to achieve its wider goals and objectives, and gain a thorough understanding of the brand’s culture and values. After we had a firm idea of the type of candidate we were looking for, we began a detailed analysis of the current talent pool in a bid to identify key terms that might aid our search. We then reached out to our current network, candidates on LinkedIn, and specialist job boards. Because we sought someone with highly specialised skills located only within a specific geographical area, identifying suitable candidates was more challenging than usual. However, we managed to find eight who matched the brief exactly. After identifying suitable candidates, we initiated the vetting process with pre-screening via Teams calls. We were looking to see if candidates were a fit in terms of culture and values, as well as briefly discussing technical competency. If candidates passed this process, we scheduled interviews with the organisation’s leadership team. The initial interview was with the Head of Engineering, and candidates who passed the first stage were interviewed by other technical leads. A candidate was found that the team were delighted with, and after this point, things moved quickly. At every stage, we supported candidates and were available to answer any questions they had.
The Outcome

The candidate that was accepted for the role had all the requisite skills, experience, and competencies, so our client was delighted. We’ve been working with them on filling other roles as their team continues to expand, such as a Lead Android Developer, and Senior React Developer. Feedback from the candidate was also incredibly positive. Having worked as a contractor throughout the majority of the pandemic, she was pleased to be back in full-time employment. She commented, “My experience with Anais was great. I would definitely recommend contacting her if you want a new role and step-by-step help.”

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