Software Specialist x 2



 Berlin, Germany
The Brief

A human capital software solutions firm based in Berlin sought two commercially driven software specialists to aid in the expansion of their brand. The organisation required people with in-depth knowledge of the market across Germany, with a strong head for problem-solving and attention to detail. Both positions were remote. The client had first heard of GR4 after we came highly recommended from one of our other clients within a similar industry. They were extremely keen both positions should be filled as quickly as possible, and we were confident we could deliver. Challenges lay, however, in the fact that HCM software specialists have a very niche skillset, and are most often already currently employed by bigger players in the industry.

We began by conducting in-depth interviews with existing stakeholders within the business. This was vital in order to understand the company’s priorities, value set, and culture. Once we’d created a person specification, we produced a complete briefing pack which detailed the numerous benefits the position offered, as well as a comprehensive outline of the company’s vision for the future. We realised that finding candidates with the precise skills and experience we required would be challenging. We used sophisticated systems which allowed us to identify suitable candidates, most of whom were already in employment. We created a longlist, and approached those we thought most closely fit our specifications to gauge how open they were to a new opportunity. We discussed the roles in detail, and sent over the briefing pack. After we’d found numerous interested candidates, we set up an initial screening interview deploying competency-based interview techniques in order to narrow the longlist down to a final shortlist of six candidates. From there, we guided the client through the entire interview process, handling rejections, delivering feedback, and answering queries. In addition, a key part of assessing the occupational competency of each candidate was gathering references from industry professionals who had worked alongside them on salient projects, which we sourced and delivered without issue.
The Outcome

The client was so impressed with the candidates we’d sourced, they ended up hiring four software specialists instead of the original two. From commencement to offer and acceptance, the process took only two weeks. As time was of the essence for the client, they were delighted. They were also pleased to have hired more people than they originally thought they needed. After offers had been made, we assisted the client in drafting contracts – this was a particular point of difficulty for them, since the company had originated in the US and was not yet well-versed in the necessary legal technicalities. Ever since, we’ve kept in very close contact with all candidates, who are thoroughly enjoying their new positions. We also have a great relationship with the client, who have since retained us to fill six other positions, including a product manager role.

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