Ruby on Rails Developer


Digital market research

 Berlin, Germany
The Brief

A Berlin-based solutions provider for digital market research were seeking a senior Ruby on Rails developer to join their growing team. They sought a motivated and proactive individual who could help deliver the brand’s vision of transforming the world of market and social research, and who demonstrated a strong ability to problem solve and work within a team. As maintaining a positive and collaborative company culture was of paramount importance to the organisation’s senior leadership team, they were willing to consider international talent, but required that the chosen candidate relocate to Berlin in order to work on-site with the rest of the team.

We began the process by speaking extensively to existing stakeholders and senior management to understand the attributes and skills that the chosen candidate would be required to hold. We also spoke in-depth about the company’s goals and visions for the future, as well as the qualities that were important in team members to maintain company culture. Once this was completed, we created a comprehensive job and person specification, as well as a briefing pack for the position which outlined the comprehensive benefits the position offered the chosen candidate. Knowing that the recruitment market for talent within the development field is extremely competitive, we set to work immediately utilising sophisticated recruitment platforms such as LinkedIn Recruiter, as well as utilising our extensive personal networks. As we had the advantage of being able to source international talent, we were able to expand our usual search parameters, as well as potentially source candidates with a stronger and more extensive skillset. After finding numerous promising candidates residing in various locations, video calls were arranged with each, and tasks were set that would provide an accurate assessment of technical abilities. After a shortlist was compiled, the client chose a candidate from Belarus. The candidate was sourced at a salary at a salary €35k lower than a typical regional candidate, with the assurance that full location assistance would be provided by both ourselves and the client. The relocation was supported by a Visa sponsorship and attainment of a Blue Card special residence permit, and we supplied the candidate with a comprehensive relocation guide as well as provided support on finding a place to live and other aspects of settling in.
The Outcome

The relocation process went as smoothly as possible despite a few delays caused by Covid-19. Since the candidate was placed, we’ve kept in very close contact, and he is happily settled in Berlin and thriving within his new workplace. We have a fantastic relationship with this client and, as they continue to grow their team, we look forward to working closely with them on similar projects in the future.

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Jack Terry

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