Frontend Developer



 Berlin, Germany
The Brief

A rapidly expanding Fintech startup were seeking a skilled and experienced frontend developer to aid in the continued expansion of their simple and secure digital baking platform. They were looking for a candidate with solid technical expertise, strong problem-solving abilities, and end-user focus. Although the client is based in Berlin, they were open to considering international candidates willing to relocate. As the organisation is still relatively new in the fintech world, developing a positive and collaborative company culture is extremely important to the organisation’s senior leadership, so sourcing a candidate with the ability to be present on site was essential. As well as possessing the necessary skillset, the organisation was also keen to ensure each candidate was a cultural fit for the company, which is strongly customer-centric with a flat hierarchy and open communication.

We worked extremely closely with the organisation’s senior leadership team to gain a holistic understanding of both the job and person specification, before making a detailed list of all the necessary attributes candidates would be required to demonstrate in order to proceed to interview. As the tech recruitment space is highly competitive and we were still dealing with the challenges of a candidate short market, we knew the search could be complex, but we were aided by the fact that we could consider international talent. This allowed us not only to expand our search parameters, but also to discover candidates with a potentially more extensive skillset who would make a positive cultural addition to the company. We used a variety of sophisticated methods including LinkedIn Recruiter to actively headhunt promising candidates, as well as making use of our extensive personal networks. Video calls were set up with numerous promising candidates, who were also issued tests that would provide an accurate assessment of their technical capabilities. After making a shortlist of suitable candidates, interviews were arranged with the client’s senior leadership team as well as the rest of the development team. The chosen candidate was based in Estonia, with over seven years’ experience in frontend development, and specifically a high level of experience with React. The candidate was sourced at a salary €25k lower than the regional average for similar positions, with the assurance that both the client and GR4 would provide extensive assistance with the relocation process. Despite some anxieties, the relocation process went incredibly smoothly from start to finish, as the candidate was able to take advantage of the EU Blue Card for highly skilled workers and his qualifications were quickly and easily recognised by German authorities. We provided the client with documents to help guide him throughout, and kept in constant communication with both him and the client to ensure all key milestones were met.
The Outcome

The candidate is currently happily settled and enjoying life in Berlin, and is thriving in his new workplace. We have previously worked with this client in relocating numerous international candidates, and they have consistently expressed their satisfaction with our handling of the process. As the organisation continues their international expansion and their success continues to grow, we look forward to working with them on similar projects in the future.

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